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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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low, low? ♪ [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines from bwi airport to florida for only $89 one-way. i know one thing... those low fares won't last long. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding! ] . you're watching the station that works for you. abc 2 news at 11:00. yi imagine what they are going through. >> the cockeysville community turns to prayer after a family is stricken. one parent is conscious and another awaits surgery. we told you last night about the fiery crash on the ohio turnpike that claimed the life of a university professor. her two sons still hospitalised. tonight friends and neighbors gather to pray for the family. new details on the accident
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investigation. >> reporter: kelly, we have learned the treiber of the tractor-trailer that hit the car carrying susan flattery and her two sons fell asleep. slattery's husband asked those who gathered to pray for not only his family but the truck driver. a light of hope, a prayer for peace. >> my heart is just breaking for them and i pray so hard that matthew makes it. >> dear god, we place our worries in your hands. >> reporter: their worries the young friends of 12-year-old matthew and 16-year-old peter have never endured. >> i only didn't know what to imagine if i was peter and all i knew was that my dad was away, my mom is dead, my brother is unconscious. >> reporter: three tractor trailers and five vehicles were involved in the crash on the ohio turnpike monday morning. police say the slats reiss were in a red car when it was hit by one tractor-trailer and ran into another. susan slattery had no pulls
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when paramedics reached her. she was the chair of the mat mattix department at stevenson university where she was due back on campus today. >> the void she is leaving is enormous and we won't be able to fill it. >> reporter: the classmates of matthew and peter are praying for their recovery. peter awaits surgery but is expected to survive. matthew is still unconscious with the next 24 to 48 hours being the most critical. >> he is is a good person, i just remember him as being very nice and he would do anything for anybody if they needed help. >> he is fun. >> he also hangs back when he needs to, always there for people whenever they need it, and we should be there for him too. ♪ [ music ] . >> reporter: prayers for a woman who left her prints on thousands of lives and for the roth reof her two sons who were
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her light. >> growing together, give us strength and hope that whatever the outcome is, it's going to be something good for some member of that family and for the community. >> reporter: and stevenson university is working on establishing a scholarship in susan slattery's name. we have a link on our web site, if you want to get the latest on the boy's condition. cheryl oh connor, abs 2 news, their boy scout troop is posting them. people moyes on in their sleep. it happened early this morning, 700 block of maple crest drive. the co leak happened in one town home but it spread to an adjoining apt. >> i heard three beeps, sounded like an alarm, so rolled over in the bed, what the heck is that. >> firefighters determined if carbon monoxide leaked from a hot water heater in the home of marlon brown. >> we immediately evacuated the
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unit, ventilated it, and also checked the adjacent unit which showed some low we are levels of carbon monoxide. >> it gave us a sense rereading and they said my son and daughter had the two highest levels. normal would have been about maybe a 5, my daughter was a 9, my son was a 16, he has asthma as well so they wanted us to go and take him to the hospital. >> reporter: but they weren't the only victims. the leak also spread next door where the parents of a 4-year- old girl and a young infant had to rush them the hospital as well. all four of the children were treated with oxygen for several hours but are back at home tonight. . well nice dry sunny day for most of us out there today. there was some rain down toward the beaches but radar has been awfully quiet. that about to change though as we go to the next 24 hours. maryland's most powerful radar not tracking much, a little bit down in southern copper county,
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this evening, but take a look at this. a huge amount of rain brewing around western virginia, the carolina border, that mass of rain tracking right up in our direction. should be in the baltimore area by early tomorrow, talking about flooding concerns, as we could receive several inches of rain, especially from baltimore down to southern maryland, also points southwest toward dc. we'll talk much more about this, when we'll see the rain begin to clear out of here, how heavy it could be. it is all coming up. kelly. >> thanks wyatt. people who live in and around an apt complex in west baltimore say they are fed up with the violence. the city is stepping in in a big way. christian shaffer is here with this story tonight. chris? >> reporter: baltimore city is trying to shut down the madison park north apt complex, on northwest avenue, north far from the college of art. they say they have been trying to clean up the place for years but after two murders in six weeks they say the time for clean up is over, now it's time
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to clear it out. some people who live in the ryan madson north apt say in night time they never come outside. this resident was too afraid to show her face on camera. >> well it's not a good place. i don't even let me kids out. >> reporter: the head of the housing department says he has been working with the owner of the 202-unit apt complex to try to get them to protect their residents. >> there has been no significant improvement of the conditions here, in fact they have got worse. >> reporter: the motion is to withdraw the multifamily residential permit, they have done it before. this used to be known as the ranch. the official name was the pal mal apartments, this video is from a triple shooting there christmas day, 2004. marcella moore grew up nearby. >> i remember the nights wii had to run upstairs, we had to
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crawl up to the second floor to escape gunfire. >> they alcohol issued the pal mall apartments in 2008 after revoking the multiple unit dwelling license in 2005. >> i was here when they tore it down. >> we spoke with a number of park heights residence and they all said the neighborhood is saver with nothing but tall grace and debris occupying the ranch. >> much better. better better. >> reporter: city officials are hoping for a similar result at madison park north. >> today we're serving notice to all landlords in baltimore that we will not tolerate criminal activity in your property. this is not the last action we will take. it's not the first and it won't be the last. joaquin county the president of the company that owns it did not return phone calls. if it is shut down residents with clean criminal records will get assistance from the government and the city in finding new holmes. they have a hearing scheduled for the issue for september
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9th. christian shaffer, abc 2 news. >> thanks chris. a 12-year-old girl raped at a baltimore county roller skating rink, a man charged, also charged two adults, it happened, the girl was attending a party when she was pushed into a back room and raped before her attackers were scared off by a sound. >> after the suspects fled from the room the victim was able to get her clothes back on and notify off duty police officers who were working in the skating rink that she had been raped. >> now the off duty officers were there because skate works has had security problems in the past. the rink was allowed to stay open this spring by agreeing to allow the police presence. 24-year-old devon perry and two teens ages 15 and 17 are being held tonight without bail. today abc 2 news tried to speak with the owner of skate works
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who responded with an email statement from her attorney. in part it says quote "skate works pride it on providing a wholesome, safe, fun environment." a south carolina mom faces two counts of murder after she admitted to killing her two sons. the 1 and 2-year-old boys were pulled out of a car that went into a river yesterday. the mother was initially charged with leaving the scene of an accident but investigators say the mom confessed to suffocating the boys before she put the car in the water. the sheriff says the woman was unemployed and snapped after a fight with her mother. in tonight's consumer alert a big recall from gm related to seatbelts that involves nearly 250,000 cross over suvs including the chevy traverse, gmc acadian, saturn outlook, and the buick enclave. there's concern over second-row seatbelts that may not latch properly. gm says if you own one of the recalled vehicles you'll get a letter in the mail detailing what you need to do next. and super fresh is closing
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some of its stores. the grocery chain says it will look to close down 24 locations in all but hasn't said exactly where yet. they said at least one store in maryland is expected to close. well the jury reached a verdict but the court battle is far from over for former illinois governor rod blagojevich. an illinois jury today convicted blagojevich on 1 count of lying to a federal agent but the other 23 counts resulted in a hung jury. tonight federal prosecutors say they will retry the case. blagojevich's team vows to fight on. a baltimore county teen is getting ready for one of the most challenging parts of his life. high school. but that's far from the only challenge he is dealing with. joe gorman is fighting for his life and, today, hundreds of folks had his back and there is still time for you to join the fight. plus, political heavyweights and spiritual leaders weigh in on that on going controversy over a proposed mosque in lower
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manhattan. sunset getting a little earlier these days, sunset tonight was just before 8:00, 90 degrees, hot, sunny, but it's all about to change big time tomorrow. huge amount of rain coming our way. we'll talk about it right after this.
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. a new study reveals there could be a lot more oil still swirling in the gulf of mexico than researchers previously thought. as much as 80% of the oil that flowed into the gulf from that ruptured well could still be suspended below the surface. experts say that oil doesn't likely pez a threat to humans but it still could be endangering marine life. it's a hot topic that has
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everyone involved. even president barack obama weighing in, islamic religious center planned to be built two blocks away from the world trade center site. they say that the president's belief that they have a right to build is a constitutional one, yet politicians continue to voice their opinions. >> the constitution gives us freedom of religion. i think it's very obvious that the mosque should be built someplace else. >> today in washington the muslim american society characterized opposition to the center as an over all big oh tree of islam that exists in the u.s. >> look beyond the fear mongering. to look beyond the fallacy of guilt by association. to look beyond, yes, even the pain and agony that the terrorists inflicted upon all
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of us. >> now the proposed muslim center would cost about $100 million to build and, if it is approved, it will likely not open until the year 2014. in tonight's health alert a shocking number of teenagers are suffering from hearing loss. a new study finds that one in five teens suffer from at least slight hearing loss. some experts say loud music through ear buds could partially be to blame though they really don't have any hard evidence. >> what surprised us a little bit was the difference between the previous time that this was, this data was gathered, and the most recent. there was a 30% increase in the prevalence of any hearing loss in this age group. >> now accord to go the study, girls were less likely to have hearing loss while it was more common in people living below the poverty level t study appears in this week's journal of the american medical association. try to imagine living with a life-threatening illness waiting for a phone call that could change your life. a 14-year-old towson boy living
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with leukaemia knows that all too well. people across the area joined for joe today in hopes of saving a life. preston mitchum was there. . >> perfect. get that, get that, i get this. >> reporter: one by won one swab at a time, hundreds line up in hopes of becoming a match.? it's been unbelievable. i mean this started out with a lunch conversation with cathy gorman sitting across the table and her feeling overwhelmed with finding joe a match. >> reporter: the goal of today's effort called join for joe is to help this 14-year-old find a bone marrow match. >> it makes me feel like that anybody can help anybody in the world in a small way. >> reporter: joe gorman, a rising 9th grader has a rare genetic form of leukaemia. after history laps they are trying to find a match. >> it's a really good support to find a serologist. >> becoming a donor is a pretty
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simple process. you sit down, fill out a form, a medical professional meets you and a quick swab on the inside of your cheek and you could be on your way to saving lives. >> at love us have turned out to help but it's not about us, it's about joe, we hopefully find a match for him or anyone in the nation that needs one. >> reporter: it sparked a campaign, and inspired nearly 750 participants to join a cows that could impact others. >> people are so touched by this story. these donors are heroes but joe is really the he roar row to all these boys. >> in towson, preston mitchum, abc 2 news. >> and time is of the essence for joe gorman, he could be a candidate for surgery as early as october if he gets a match soon. >> announcer: now the forecast certified the most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> sounds like some stormy weather is heading our way? >> yeah kelly, there will be some storms in the mix.
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the biggest thing is going to be rain. a lot of rain, too much probably for -- we're going to be on the edge here in baltimore. but definitely an a run dell county back down through calvert and over to d.c. looking like a real wash out tomorrow. >> okay. >> could be too much at one time. let's break it all down and let's show you our tower cam this morning. a nice night in the city after a pretty nice august day. a little hot. 90 degrees with some sunshine out there, not bad after a cool weekend to start the week with a couple of hot days. it is mid-august after all. 79 the current air temp. probably going to be our high for tomorrow. high will probably occur just after midnight. winds calm, humidity is high out there. awfully high. our weather net camera capturing a mostly sunny sky over the harbor, over most of the state, in fact the beaches, show you that in a second, a nice looking sunset, getting earlier and earlier, 7:589 tonight, but look at the rain
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pounding the beaches, also up through the delaware coast, kind of an omen to for what is to come for much more maryland in the day tomorrow. kicking in tomorrow morning, it's going to last right through tomorrow night, even as late as 3:00 a.m. thursday morning, we expect these counties in particular to get an awful lot of steady rain. maryland's most powerful radar quiet for most of the evening, the southern part of the state drifting over toward the eastern shores, but not much, high temperatures today. again the story was the heat and the sunny condition as we pushed up to 90. now you can see humidity weather, down to 80% or so. you can also see there is trier air back into western maryland, more humid as you go down toward the lower part of delmarva. so, as a result, it is going to be a fine line tomorrow where the heaviest rains are. right now we think it is going to be south of this boundary which could shift a little bit which would be critical. this dewpoint is 70, a
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tremendous amount of moisture in the air, potential for a lot of rain, much drier a little further to our west and you can already see the tremendous rain and storms building down into virginia, creeping steadily north, riding up that boundary. it's gonna mean an awful lot of wet weather starting as early as your morning commute. getting our weather pickett, one thing you see, spirals coming off that what was once a tropical disturbance down around new orleans. that clashing can cool air up across the upper midwest. going to mean an awful lot of rain. looks like by 8:00 the rain coming in, you see this really intense area of rain down around anne arundel county, calvert cliffs, we push it out as woo go towards wednesday, thursday morning by 5:00 a.m. there still may be some rain around, we'll see. tomorrow is your forecast, talking about 79, rain heavier to the south, with the flood watch out tomorrow, even lasting into tomorrow night. rain showers, some of this could still be quite heavy
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especially in the southern part have the state. seven-day forecast, the trend here still oh rain around early thursday, we'll dry it out though and bring back the heat. kelly. >> thanks wyatt. the university of maryland college park has a new president. wallace low is expected to take over in november from cd motel who is stepping down after 12 years in at the helm. he currently serves as provost at the university of iowa. he is expected to continue as an engineering professor on campus. speaking of college park the university of maryland's flagship campus is still earning good marks nationally. it came down three spots from last year. nationally johns hopkins is number 13, as we said the university of maryland college park number 56, unbc is ranked at 159 among regional universities loyola takes the third spot, towson university is tied for 46 that in the north region and the naval academy ranked 16 among liberal
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arts colleges. . a connecticut man is adding to his list of charges tonight after a misguided attempt to protect his wife's honor. christine quail is accused of buying stolen beer from omar thornton, the man who shot and killed several '06 his co- workers before killing himself. her husband shaun angrily doused a local news crew in the face with watch spray. she was caused with stealing beer from the same distributor where the massacre took place and he was rearrested today after the incident with that watch spray. a sheriff's deputy is thankful to a routine stop but it didn't turn into a sting operation. the disabled truck was carrying bee hives in wait county, north carolina. it didn't take long for the bees to swarm this patrol car, the deputy was able to take shelter inside but he was trapped until a bee keeper arrived to rescue him. now come on, you didn't really think that the summer
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would end without another brett favre saga did you? are you ready to see the most indecisive man in professional sports suit up for the vikings again? here is a tip. you probably should be. >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean.
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. abc 2 news brought to you by mitsubishi brett favre is back in minnesota. he arrived at the striking facilities this afternoon and they are reporting he will return to the nfl this year. earlier in the day three of his teammates flew to mississippi in the team's private jet to try to talk the future hall of famer into playing just one more season. well, apparently it worked, because favre grew back to minneapolis with them again. . press box sports report.
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presented by mr. basement. >> this is stan the fan charles with press box sports report. remember these famous words uttered by lou gehrig? "i consider myself the luckiest man." >> well a report set to air calls into question the real cause for the disease als. according to doctor ann mckee the study's findings on three athletes who later died of als arrived from spinal to go since. despite the gash and bleeding, manning says today he feels fine. new york giants outfielder bobby thompson is dead at the age of 86. to the dismay of dodger fans thompson, who pinch hit this home run that won the 1951 one- game playoff between the bitter rivals later became friends with ralph baranka, the pitcher who served up the shot heard
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round the world. ravens versus redskins saturday night. get ready for the game on online. . tomorrow on "good morning maryland" you may have the school supplies but what about the clothes? we're going to get you five ways to get your kid dressed for the school year without going over budget. i'm jamie costello. we'll have that story for you plus weather and traffic tomorrow on "good morning maryland." . >> abc 2 works for the community, a proud partner with
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the national aquarium, baltimore.
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. kelly, look at the lower left part of your screen there, yeah, a little something coming your way. big round of rain. looks like this could cause some flooding tomorrow especially after midday. talking about baltimore south through annapolis right on down into dc, not so much to the north and west but be ready for the rain tomorrow, that's for sure. >> sounds like a day for the trade mill. >> yes, absolutely. >> that's it for us. we're back tomorrow. have a good night. >> stay dry.
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